Interested in writing for IMPACT Magazine? Wanna see your name on the tiny screen, or show up in a Google search? We are always looking for new writers as well as regular columnists who have unique and engaging perspectives.  Guest contributors are welcome!

IMPACT Magazine is an online magazine covering faith, culture and real life from a gay and Christian perspective (although our readers are not exclusively gay or Christian).

Our audience is the growing demographic of LGBTQ+ people of faith — living in the world, engaged with the world, and positively impacting the world. They are people intent on making a difference, but they also want to deeply enjoy their life while they’re at it.

IMPACT Magazine spotlights life in 7 primary areas:

  • VOICES is a collection of dedicated columns and blogs by regular contributors who have something to say to LGBTQ+ people of faith.
  • GOD-TALK is dedicated to spiritual and religious topics: the church, relationship with God, Bible topics, worship, Shepherd to Shepherd (pastors speaking to pastors), everyday life with God-awareness, and the occasional soapbox for encouraging words.
  • CULTURE SAVVY spotlights current trends, especially focusing on issues relevant to the LGBTQ+ community:  news & hot topics, politics, style, travel, sports, Food!, urban life,  reviews (film, music, books, theater).
  • REAL LIFE covers topics that hit you where you live. Health & fitness, money, living poz (HIV+), transgender issues, recovery, and Life After 40 (yes, there is life for LGBTQ people after 40!).  Speak up, give your opinion, interact with the world, or puff the good work of what’s going on in your community.
  • ENGAGE focuses on making a difference in the world. Living environmentally-friendly, socially conscious, tolerant, in an inter-faith and multi-cultural world. Here we talk about what needs to be done in the world, and how you can help.
  • LOVE & SEX :  Let’s be honest. This is what preoccupies most of our time and energy. So let’s talk about it: love & sex, gay family life, dating and HIV. Frankly, honestly, no holds barred. This is not your father’s Christian magazine!
  • SOUL FOOD : This is where you feed the right side of your brain.  Poetry, short stories, music, art & photography, video clips.


  • We welcome all submissions that might be of interest to our primary readership: the LGBTQ+ community of faith.
  • If you are interested in having your work published in IMPACT Magazine, send your submissions directly to us. Please do not send emails inquiring about suggested topics — see the list above. Everything interesting and relevant will be considered.
  • Features should be 750-1500 words in length. Reviews (Film, Music, Books, Theater) should be 500-750 words. Short stories should be under 2500 words.  (These are guidelines, not rules set in concrete.  We’re flexible, as long as you keep us interested. But bear in mind online readers’ attention span!)
  • Submissions should be included in the body of your email. Your suggested title should be in the subject line.
  • You should include your name and a 1-3 sentence bio. You may also (optionally) attach a bio pic, and your bio may include your blog address and social media ids.
  • You should preface your article with a 1-3 sentence topic summary (so we can see at a glance what you’re writing about).
  • All articles may be edited for length, grammar, content, style and tone.
  • By submitting content, you are granting IMPACT Magazine a worldwide, non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free right to publish, distribute or otherwise make the content available in original or edited form. You maintain personal ownership and copyright of your original content.
  • Submissions are on a donation basis. Your byline or photo credit plus bio and a link to your website serve as your compensation.   We can’t make you rich, but we’ll help make you famous.
  • Please note that due to changes in Google’s SEO policy, we can no longer post multiple embedded do-follow commercial links in our content, but we are happy to include a link to your blog/website in your bio (if you include one).
  • Send all submissions to submissions@IMPACTmagazine.us


To improve your chances of being included, make the job of the editors as easy as possible:

  • Avoid hostile or contentious positions. We are edgy, but not bitchy.
  • IMPACT Magazine is a “safe place” for LGBTQ+ Christians of all varieties. Articles which do not align with an LGBTQ+ affirming or faith-positive position will not be considered.
  • We appeal to a broad audience, so keep your material at a PG-13 rating or below — well, okay, maybe an R (for “Real life”).
  • We live in a visual world.  If you have photos that could highlight your piece, include them.  Be sure you own the rights to them, or they are copyright-free (like through a Creative Commons license). Don’t forget to include the photo credit! Photographers deserve recognition for their work too.
  • We do our best to respond to all submissons, but depending on the workload, that may not always be possible. If you have not heard back from us after 2 weeks, you may safely assume we will not be able to use your submission.
  • And finally, it should go without saying that your work and your words must not only be accurate and true, but must also be your own.