My boyfriend hit me…

Q Dear Gay Uncle,
My boyfriend hit me. It’s the third time in so many weeks. He’s under a lot of stress and very apologetic immediately after. The hits have progressed from a push, a slap, to the most recent one, which was a punch. I’ve still got a black eye.

I’ve suggested he go to a therapist. What else should I do? We’re due to celebrate our one year anniversary and we were planning on buying a house together.

Name withheld


AGet out of the relationship now!

This is probably the easiest piece of advice I’ve ever given. Violence in a relationship is not acceptable. Ever. While therapy may (or may not!) help him, you should never place yourself in a situation of danger while you wait for someone else to figure out that you are not a punching bag.

No point in staying around to see what he does next. It could be more than a black eye next time.

Your first priority must be yourself and your own safety.

Break up, move on, and don’t look back.


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