Unknowingly slept with my best friend’s brother…

Q Dear Gay Uncle,

I’ve slept with my best friend’s older brother. However, he’s getting married to his long time girlfriend in the summer.

I didn’t realise it was him, we hooked up in a bar, had a few drinks and he came back to my place. I thought he looked familiar, and we even joked that we could have hooked up before.

I only put two and two together when I picked up my best friend from his house. He’s temporarily moved back with his parents, after his relationship broke up. While he was getting ready his mum made me a drink. It was then I saw my previous night’s hook up’s picture on their family photo wall. Apparently he was staying at his girlfriend parents home to organise the wedding plans.

Do I say anything? I’m not in love with him or anything, it was a hot hook up, but nothing more. But I’m invited to the wedding as my best friend’s plus one. This could get very difficult. Help!

Name withheld


AWhoops! I wouldn’t suggest saying anything to your best friend or his parents. See if you can speak to your hook up and explain the situation. You could either make your excuses and not to go to the wedding, or agree with the brother that what happened will just stay between you and him.

It’s not your job to out him, and you are not responsible for his actions.


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