Underpaid and Unappreciated at work. Should I stay or should I go?

Q Dear Gay Uncle,

I feel as though I’m taken for granted at work. I put in the extra hours, work hard and get profitable results. I’ve been working at the same company for nearly four years.

I asked for a pay rise last month, and was told no, and yet another person who works there, who regularly fails to hit targets has been given a pay rise. He has the advantage of being there for twice the time I have and being best mates with the owner of the company.

It feels as though there is favouritism in action. I was told I could do more work with the chance of more income, based on results. But, that seems to pile on even more work. I work around 90 hours a week, as it is, and this would increase my work by at least another 20-30 hours, so this offer comes across as very unfair.

In a fit of dissatisfaction I reached out to recruiters and other firms in my industry. Within a week I’d got two job offers, with another in the pipeline. All of them are offering more money, better prospects and better work hours.

I’ve discussed it with my line manager, and it didn’t even cause a ripple of interest. I feel really disheartened at the whole situation. I like the people I work with and what I do, however, I feel unhappy with the reward and recognition I get for my work.

Should I stay and suck it up, or jump ship?

Gordon H.



Toss in your resignation, explaining your reason in a non-dramatic and honest manner, then leave and don’t look back. Being in a situation where you are putting extra work in and not getting the rewards back isn’t healthy. It’s like a one-sided relationship: it becomes toxic if it goes on too long.

You have to pay your rent and bills. Those increase with frequent regulatory, along with other costs of living, and you can’t pay for those costs with job satisfaction (or dis-satisfaction) alone.

You did the respectable thing by approaching your manager and explaining. The fact that they saw no reason to change the situation is your pass to walk out the door with your integrity in place and your options wide open ahead of you.

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