7 Ways to Include Romance in Your Busy Schedule

Romance plays a very valuable role in any kind of relationship with your significant other. It’s important to share special moments, do stupid things together, show your affection towards one another, and basically do whatever makes your partner feel loved.

The sad reality is that these days, due to tight working hours and busy schedules, it often becomes difficult to scoop out some quality time for each other even if you want to because our lifestyles can be extremely tiring.

Even after coming home from your respective jobs, the fatigue can take over the willingness to make such efforts towards romance.

Lack of warmth and tenderness between the couple can dim the light of their relationships more than major issues, so to avoid that, here are 7 simple yet effective ways to include romance in your busy schedule.


  1. Match schedules

Where there is a will, there’s a way, so,  if the two of you really want to make it work, then the first suggestion would be to try to match schedules as closely as possible because a lot of times one of the two might be free while the other one might not.

Even though it’s not really possible to be free at the exact same times all the time, a few little modifications here and there in your schedules can definitely help you carve out some spare time that coincides.

In addition, try to include your partner in your activities wherever possible, so that you’re able to spend more time with them. This simple “inclusion” activity goes a long way in keeping romance alive.

  1. Couples who eat together, stay together!

Well, that’s definitely true! Sharing bites are a must. Begin your day by having breakfast together, a peaceful time for the two of you to bond before heading off to work.

A good start will leave your partner thinking about you all day. Being together during lunch can be more difficult, but dinners are one meal you’ll definitely want to try to have together consistently.

And talk; don’t just watch television. Open a bottle of your favorite bourbon and have a genuine conversation. Tell your partner how your day went and discuss various events to stay up to date with each other’s life. Sharing your experiences shows that you care, and that’s always romantic.

Pro Tip: If you really want to make your dinner special, light up some candles for that perfect atmosphere.

  1. Don’t hold back the three magical words

This one is probably the most classic tip that gets forgotten somewhere in our busy lives. Practicality can take over a romance, and even simply saying “I love you” can seem mechanical. But the power that this simple phrase holds is beyond words. Don’t neglect it.

Tell your partner you love them. Say “I love you” more often to not only make them feel important and loved but, but also to maintain a healthy relationship.

For making it even more romantic, call or text them at random points of the day and say these three magical words to catch them by surprise.

  1. Shower them with unexpected gifts

Who doesn’t like gifts? Everyone does! And when they are unexpected, it’s just a cherry on top.

Gifts don’t necessarily have to be materialistic or expensive. They can be anything that will put a smile on your partner’s face, whether it be a cute card, a home-cooked dinner made by you, picking up their favourite desert on your way home, or a cute personalized chocolate box. After all, who doesn’t like chocolates!

Such surprises are a nice way to make your significant other feel special, and just as importantly, demonstrate your willingness to keep the romance sparkling.

  1. Use your phone!

We live in a technological era which has made life simpler. All distances seem shorter now, so why not put this technology to our best use.

Dropping romantic texts or snapping a quick, happy selfie whenever you get the time in your busy schedule will just put a smile on their face.

It’s always the little things that add up. And these small efforts render a longer and happier relationship because they show you care about the other person. And at the end of the day, that’s what really matters.

  1. Plan Drinking Dates

Okay, this one is not for everyone. But many couples enjoy a drink out. Hectic days call for a laid-back evening, and it can be a good idea to plan drink dates with your companion to loosen up a bit. Or if you feel like being a bit on the wilder side, you could go out for a casual evening at a club and dance the stress off!

Or, you could just stay at home, pop open your favourite beers and enjoy them with a good movie. If you have a love for wine and a fancy dinner, some candlelight and good music will help you hit the night off and rekindle your love. Of course, the white wine vs red wine argument is still likely to be inevitable… hah! But don’t let the discussion interfere with the stars in your eyes.

These special rendezvous, whether home our out, are much needed every once in a while to keep the flame in a relationship that might slowly be growing stagnant. Let your guards down with each other and have some fun!

  1. Make them your priority

It’s not practical to try to cancel all your outside commitments, but if you really do love that person, make them your priority.  Put them above others and make them feel that they mean to you more than the other things happening in your life.

Seek a healthy balance between your professional life and your love life. Even small efforts count a lot in building trust in each other and strengthening the foundation of true love.

The bottom line is simple. If you love someone then make sure they feel it. Compromise a little, strike some balances, and make some time for each other. It will be worth it.