Dear Gay Uncle: He tattooed my name on his arm

Q Dear Gay Uncle,

I’ve been dating a guy for a couple of months, and everything has been going wonderfully well. We have so much in common, and I have started to think that he’s the one.

However, last weekend he came around to my place and showed me that he’d had my name tattooed on his arm. He’s got a few tattoos, so it’s not his first. He’s said it’s because every tattoo means something to him from various points in his life.

I know it was meant as a romantic gesture, but I’m finding it a little bit too much, too soon. I seem to be avoiding his calls and have cancelled a date we had pre-arranged. He’s not twigged I’m avoiding him, as I’ve been suffering with a bad cold recently, so he’s put it down to that.

I know he’s still the same person as before, but how do I get over this situation? I’m feeling as though I’m chasing away someone who could be very special to me.

George J.


A George,

Okay, stop cancelling dates with this chap.

Yes, this tattoo dedicated to you might seem a bit premature to you. But it was done as a romantic gesture, and this gesture was made with best intentions. Think of it as a bouquet of flowers. You would have possibly accepted them, popped them in a vase and felt the present as romantic.

Take this relationship one step at a time. It’s not as though he’s suggested buying a house with you after a couple of weeks dating. Enjoy his company and spend the time building memories together.


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JONATHAN WELFORD heads up, a relationship and dating coaching practice.  Writer and author, sometimes TV presenter, Jonathan is a trained Life Coach specializing in dating & relationships. He lives with his Scottish husband in Manchester, UK.

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photo credit: Tony Alter, cc.