Music Review: Shawn Thomas’s new CD, “Christ in my Life”

Christ In My Life
Shawn Thomas (2017)
12 tracks

I received the latest CD project from Shawn Thomas back in August last year, 2017. I decided to listen to it on the way to work the next day as an extension of my morning devotional. I played it every day for more than a week, forgoing my usual routine of listening to talk radio or the Christian music stations. Yes, it ministered to me.

Let me break this project down without becoming verbose.

The title cut, “I Got Christ In My Life,” is a fun and driving beat. It’s about a man finally finding resolve after searching for life’s meaning and finding it in Christ. It’s a happy, melodious testimony of what a relationship with Jesus is all about. Shawn positions the next song perfectly with “It’s Already Won.” This is an affirmation of victory and an encouragement to us that although we often struggle with our fleshly desires, that struggle is really from a position of maintaining and occupying our newly won territory as we stand firm in whom we have believed. The third song, “Be The One,” is an invitation to yield to the call of the Spirit of God who is wooing us to be the voice, the hands, the feet of Jesus to our neighbor and especially to those of the household of faith.

I have a strong affection for songs and lyrics that weave the story of our Creator. “The Same God” and “Even So We Behold” are two such songs. I had to hear more of them one day and decided to pull off the road, close my eyes and play them over and over. I wept and worshipped as I listened to Shawn sing of our magnificent Lord who is so personal and so accessible to us. They remain my two favorites in this collection. I could listen to them over and over.

“My Thank You God” – Sometimes you just have to stop for a moment, look at the chains of tradition that tried to hold you captive now lying at your feet, lift up your eyes and rejoice that you serve a God who does things worthy of thanks. This song will encourage you to do just it.

So, now we have a remake of a song that I know from my younger days. Benatar’s “All Fired Up!” I appreciate that Shawn has taken a positive secular song (there seems to be so few of them these days) and has lifted it into a higher purpose, turning it into a testimonial of “all things work together for the good, for those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.” Who knew?

When all hope seems lost, when all else has failed, when you can’t seem to find your way, when clouds hang dark and low, our Lord shows up and reveals his love for us. The song, “When,” is a reminder for the grace of God working in us and in our lives.

A grateful heart is a joyful heart, and “I Wanna Thank You, Jesus” is a song that caused my heart to leap in anticipation for the day when I will see Jesus face to face and will have eternity to thank him for saving me. It also makes me want to start today with heart and voice of thanksgiving.

I could hear the Psalmist David singing to the Lord in the lovely lyrics and melody of “You Are My Praise.” I think I heard Shawn’s heart crying out to the Lord too, acknowledging his own broken humanness but knowing God is his only hope and refuge.

What a great uplifting and encouraging word the song, “Know You’re Not,” is! It’s lyrics reminding us that God always causes us to triumph and overcome if we simply place our trust in him.

“Come To Jesus” – These lyrics speak for themselves and Shawn’s rendition of this song is tender and sweet as if he is kneeling next to someone who has fallen again, whispering in their ear that there is only one who can make it all better and that one is Jesus.

Finally, let me say that I am honored to have been asked to review this project. I have never personally met Shawn Thomas. But we have spoken briefly and have shared some thoughts online several times. I sense that we are knit together in the love of our Lord Jesus. This CD, Christ In My Life, is beautiful. I feel Shawn’s love for the Lord and can tell that he strongly wants our community to know the God he serves.

Thank you, Shawn, for sharing your gifts with us.

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