Equality in the Workplace – Bridging the Gender Gap

Once upon a time no self-respecting woman would ever think of doing a ‘man’s job’ and so some jobs were traditionally filled by men. In today’s world this is usually not the case because women fought long and hard for equality in the workplace. From pay rates to the types of jobs women could qualify for, we’ve come a very long way indeed. If you are still laboring under the impression that women cannot do some types of work, here are a few things to consider.

Safety above All Else

Some jobs rely on physical strength, and it is generally assumed that a woman isn’t going to be as naturally strong as a man. Physiologically, men are typically built stronger and bigger than women. But this isn’t always the case, especially in the LGBTQ community, where lesbian women are routinely breaking into occupational and vocational areas traditionally dominated by men. In these situations, safety is often a bigger issue than equal rights.

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Gender-neutral safety equipment, like the Miller Welding Helmet

Both men and women can work as welders, for example, where the safety equipment is not exclusively designed for either gender. Equipment (like the Miller titanium welding helmet found on the www.weldingoutfitter.com web store) are gender neutral and offer the same level of safety to either sex, leaving the primary concern to be getting the job done safely.

Enlist the Support of HR

As a woman, you may have worked very hard to prove yourself on the job. Even though legislation forbids discrimination by gender, many men and women still haven’t gotten over an archaic mindset. Your boss may not discriminate against you and the corporation has given you a fair shot, but what about your fellow employees? Are they being unfair and discriminatory?

If so, it’s time to enlist the support of Human Resources. They are well-trained in sociological issues and are equipped to deal with a situation like this. Bear in mind that one of the key functions of HR is negotiating working terms with employees. One of those terms is acceptable behavior on the job. The company doesn’t want to lose a valuable employee but if HR can’t come to terms with a discriminatory employee, it is more cost-effective to let that person go. Consider the amount of risk they are up against if a civil suit is brought against the company for discrimination!

Amicable Solutions Are Always Best

It is always far better to try to work things out amicably and that’s why the government has had to step up to the plate with “gender neutral” regulations. Unfortunately, some people refuse to change with the times and so you are left dealing with people caught in a time tunnel. What you can do is go about the job you were hired to do in a professional manner and recognize where the problem lies.

You are doing your work up to company standard and deserve the respect of management and peers alike. Bridging the gender gap isn’t always going to be easy but with a calm approach and the support of HR, you can work in an environment of acceptance. That’s all anyone can ask and it’s about time to make that happen.


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