Even Big Boys Cry Sometimes

Brandon de HoyosI spoke gratitude
about your departure,
only to find pain
and lingering regret.
The boxes are piled
and strewn about
like the bewildering
feelings of loss that
suddenly appeared.
Healing begins here
in the same halls
where we struggled
and dreamt and hoped.
Yes, it is for good.
But, damnit, tears again?
I swore I was over it.
But here the deluge returns.
Jealous of your queen.
Even big boys cry sometimes.


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BRANDON de HOYOS  is a writer and designer from Houston, Texas. His work has been seen in publications by The New York Times Co., Walt Disney Publishing, and Interactive One, among others. When he’s not busy writing sweet nothings, he is cooking, traveling and blessing others any way he can.