Westboro Baptist Church is going to picket our GCN conference and I am sad…sad for them…sad that they have not moved on.

I feel the majority of those from our conference are at a good place in life, and their picketing will not really get to them. We are a resilient people and our community is full of love and forgiveness. Many have come from homes and sat in churches where they were repeatedly told that they were abominations before God and that there was some kind of evil agenda that the LGBT community had…yet, through our own experiences with God and others, we have found the strength to move forward. These are truly some of the most amazing people, both the LGBT and our advocates.

I’ve moved on and I’m ready to experience God here, and I know my brothers and sisters are also looking forward to this and to building new friendships.

I choose not to engage with the WBC, but I am thankful for the support of local churches that are planning on advocating for us. We do not hate those from the WBC. We hope that they will one day be freed from their bondage that is trapping them in their hate and that they will find the freedom that we have found…to love both God and neighbor.

photo by Robert Lofgren.  See more of his work on Instagram @RCLOFGREN777
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Lofgren-Robert2ROBERT LOFGREN is a gay Christian who wrestled with his faith and his sexuality and found peace. He strives to love Christ and to show His love for all people. Robert is an advocate for LGBT rights and building bridges between the two communities to which he belongs and is so passionate about — the LGBT community and the Church.

He lives in Orange County, CA with his boyfriend of seven years and two Boston Terriers.  Robert blogs at The Gay Post-Evangelical.