Music Review: Shawn Thomas, “In Between the Shades of Gray”

ShawnThomas_ShadesImagine going through life questioning who you are or who you’re supposed to be. What’s right, what’s wrong, always wondering if God is with you?  Looking for answers, questioning your faith, waiting for someone to help you find your way? Looking for signs of spiritual life, or looking for something to ground you to keep you from spiraling helplessly out of control? Maybe you need a sign.

This might be the sign you’re looking for.  In his new release, “In Between the Shades of Gray,” Shawn Thomas opens his heart and lets the love flow.  He poetically portrays the internal struggles we all face in life with high energy, scripturally grounded music and lyrics. With songs like “Waiting for a Sign” Shawn assures us that we are never alone and encourages us to live by faith and follow our heart. “But Now I Know” is a song of self-reflection, a confirmation of who we are, living in God’s grace and Gods love. “More of you” reminds us to reach for the highest and seek more of Him, while “Never Going to Steal my Joy” reminds us not to give in to the lies that whisper in our heads and to stand on what is true.

Shawn_Thomas_Promo3The artistry of each selection on one CD provides an array of both everyday listening and moments of worship.  As a praise and worship leader, I appreciate sound tracks that can be used in our worship services, with deep, powerful, Christ-centered worship.  Looking for music that delivers a strong message and helps elevate a service is exactly what most worship leaders strive to achieve, and this CD provides the type of worship songs we all look for.  How many times have we ministered to someone we can’t quite reach, and then suddenly they make that connection through the spiritual presence conveyed in a song?  “Between the Shades of Gray,” I believe, can do just that. Even better, listening to Shawn’s latest CD in the car or at the office will elevate your day and usher you in to a place of worship right where you are.

"In Between the Shades of Gray" has made Out Voice's Top 10 list
“In Between the Shades of Gray” has made Out Voice’s Top 10 list

From the start of this CD, it’s obvious that Shawn has opened his heart and pushed his sound to new levels. Shawn branched out both sonically and lyrically, proving his commitment to using his gifts for Christ. This is an amazing worship CD that will take you on a spiritual journey, both individually as well as corporately.  His “Here Comes Revival” will lift your heart and sprit to prepare you for a move of God, and will bring pure joy with a message that will hit you head on.

Looking for a truly amazing opportunity for your church? Host Shawn Thomas, and allow him to bring his music and his message to life, and share his gifts with you and your ministry.  It really is a great blessing.  But it’s not just for music ministers and worship leaders. This is a must have CD for everyone.  You will want to get your hands on this CD. But don’t just take my word for it, check it out.  This music will add a fresh breath to your worship and to your music collection.


“In Between the Shades of Gray” is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google and other digital outlets. You may also order it from


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This review was submitted by BROOKE LOCKE MARX, the Praise and Worship Leader for Church of the Holy Spirit Song