Frustrated Gay Christian

It’s frustrating when I talk with fellow Christians who think that being gay is a sin and then proceed to copy and paste about 6 or so verses from the Bible.

Do you think I’ve never cracked open a Bible before? Do you know that I have a BA from a conservative Evangelical college? Do you think that I haven’t wrestled through these same verses for years…the very ones that you are cutting and pasting, out of context?

Have you ever tried to listen and understand my view…or are you just formulating the next argument in your mind…all so you don’t have to truly get to know and respect me?

Yours Truly,
Frustrated Gay Christian


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Lofgren-Robert2ROBERT LOFGREN is a gay Christian who wrestled with his faith and his sexuality and found peace. He strives to love Christ and to show His love for all people. Robert is an advocate for LGBT rights and building bridges between the two communities to which he belongs and is so passionate about — the LGBT community and the Church.

He lives in Orange County, CA with his boyfriend of seven years and two Boston Terriers.  Robert blogs at The Gay Post-Evangelical.