Jesus Wept… Because of Christians, Not Gays.


“Jesus wept.”  But not because of gays.

This is Rob Cottrell, Susan’s husband. I wanted to share my heart with you today.

This past year the Supreme Court handed down rulings supporting gay marriage. Many Christians used words like abomination, devastating, disgusting, tragic. Mike Huckabee, the ultra conservative right wing TV personality and former governor of Arkansas, sent out a simple tweet: “Jesus Wept.”

Mike, I agree, Jesus wept.  But not because of gays. Perhaps Jesus is weeping because of the fundamental religious literalistic Christians who convey a message of conditional love and acceptance, behavior-focus, judgment, condemnation, hate and rejection — all in Jesus’ name.

This is so unlike him. So unlike how he was with people. So unlike the overall message of the Gospel. So unlike the truth.

My courageous wife Susan has taken a strong stand, with bold words of love for the LGBTQ community, and bold words of truth to those conveying such an un-Christlike message.

She has done this in the face of attack and condemnation from family members, former “close friends”, and anonymous strangers.  I am very proud of her.

There are those who are even angry at her for her anger.

However, I think sometimes people don’t quite realize that she is not really angry at those in the Christian faith who may just be following along, running the program installed in them by what they have heard and been taught on Sunday morning. For those, she echoes Jesus when he said, “Forgive them, they know not what they do.”

Her righteous anger is towards so much of the church that takes a hypocritical, condemning stance against gays — and especially towards the self-righteous religious leaders who have taught this message Sunday after Sunday, book after book, radio and TV show after radio and TV show.

But much more than that, we are full of love and compassion and grace to those being marginalized and condemned. To those much of the church and the world calls, “the least of these.”

They are our children, our parents, our brothers and sisters, our friends, our neighbors, and we will stand up for them, and stand with them — in Jesus’ true name.

You know what… maybe Jesus did weep — but maybe they were tears of joy.

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