Simple Truths


Beloved child, let your heart be at rest. 

Trust me. Stop concerning yourself with sorting it all out, but listen for my voice and trust that I will speak. Surrender your angst, your quest to sort out what’s right and what’s wrong, a job I never gave you. Hand over your fear to me, and I will care for you. Know these few simple truths, and trust me. 

  • Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly with God. That’s as much as you need to think about, and in that, I will give you peace. People like to pull out rules for others to follow, to tell others who’s acceptable and who’s not. I didn’t give anyone that job.
  • You will know you are in the truth. When your heart says, “No, this is not right,” that is God telling you so. Let God’s voice guide you.
  • If your heart does NOT condemn you, then you can be confident with God that you are in the right place. Let God’s voice reassure you! You don’t have to be mystified as to whether you are hearing Him or not; your heart will tell you.
  • God’s requirements of you are simple: believe in me, Jesus, whom God sent, and love one another. That’s it! Don’t worry about everything else, because the Spirit will guide you. You just treasure God’s directives to you, and continue to rest in me. Don’t worry about anybody else.

I love you beyond measure. I will comfort you beyond measure. Just trust me beyond measure.


[Micah 6:81 John 3John 6:29]