This One’s for Arthur

He’s got the most beautiful eyes,
but you should see his soul.
I once got a fortune cookie that said,
“To travel hopefully
is a better thing than to arrive.”
I am pretty certain these butterflies,
the ridiculous back and forth
between his photos and my work,
the conversations we’ve had,
and the awe I sense in this moment
is the real deal.
If he’ll let me, I’ll love him
for the rest of his life, in thick and thin,
‘til death do us part. And if not,
it was worth every moment
to witness a miracle than none at all.

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BRANDON de HOYOS  is a writer and designer from Houston, Texas. His work has been seen in publications by The New York Times Co., Walt Disney Publishing, and Interactive One, among others. When he’s not busy writing sweet nothings, he is cooking, traveling and blessing others any way he can.