ScottLivelyPrepare yourselves: a new wave of conservative Christians yelling that they are being persecuted is about to be upon us.

The difference this time is that one conservative pastor is actually being prosecuted – but, contrary to what some of these conservatives will tell you, this is a monumental moment, and is in no way a persecution of conservative Christianity.

“Pastor” Scott Lively was a key proponent of Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill. He traveled around Uganda with key government officials, and literally pushed for the execution of homosexual men and women. But, as you may know, the “Kill the Gays” bill didn’t pass (even though the bill that did pass allows for homosexuals to be imprisoned for life without parole – which is almost as sickening). The turn of events, though, is that Scott Lively will now be standing trial for crimes against humanity. And for that, I say, thank God!

uganda_hateWhat Mr. Lively has done for the past few years has been more than revolting. He claims that homosexuals were the true originators of Nazi-ism, and even formulated a pink swastika to “prove his point.” On top of having played a key role in the Ugandan bill, since 2007 he has traveled all over Russia pushing for the same agenda, and spreading the same propaganda. If you’ve been following the news at all, you know that LGBT people and Russia don’t exactly get along. Dozens have been killed, even in the last few month, and many, many more are being arrested all of the time – simply because they are attracted and/or love someone of the same gender. Thank you for that, Mr. Lively.

His prosecution for this heinous crime sets a new precedent for conservative Christians: Yes, people do listen when you speak your jibber-jabber, and yes, your words do matter. But, more importantly, your words have repercussions – both for others, and for yourself.

I’ve heard pastors, even my own previous pastor when I was in Evangelicalism, bemoan how one day they may be imprisoned for their stance on homosexuality. Now, I do not believe people should be in trouble for their beliefs. If you want to think homosexuality is wrong, that is your prerogative. But, when you stand in front of other people – especially government officials that make laws – and call for the death of people that are different than you, then yes, you should own up to the consequences of what you are saying.

Hundreds and hundreds of people are dead today simply because they were gay, and that blood can be linked back to Mr. Lively. Let’s pray that God continues to work justice for those victims, and peace for Uganda and Russia.
Read Brandon’s original piece here, on The Gay Christian.
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Wallace-BrandonBRANDON WALLACE worked for several years as a Southern Baptist youth minister in Arkansas, but left his post in January 2012 for quite a few reasons; the main one being that he is gay.  Two things he’s always known about himself: that he was gay, and that he was called to be in ministry. He spent most of his life trying to reconcile his feelings with what was taught about Scripture, and after many years of toiling over the Scriptures and struggling with God, he finally came to terms with his theology, sexuality, and his faith.

Brandon is an English teacher, and lives in Memphis, TN where he attends a mainline denominational church. He shares his continuing journey, struggles, and battles with God on his blog, The Gay Christian, and his book, “Straight-Face,” about being in the closet deep inside the Evangelical church is expected to be released in May.


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