Back in the Dating Game – What Makes a Good Condom?

condom-riprollWhen it comes to condoms, a lot of what you like is down to personal preference. So if you’re new to the dating pool or if you’re an old pro, how you roll is all up to you. While one person might like a ribbed mint flavour condom (who?), someone else won’t be able to get enough of a chocolate-flavour ultra-thin condom. Then there are the people who just couldn’t care less — as long as it’s on and it’s going to stop any STIs or pregnancy scares! I’m with the latter, but hey, if you’re looking to find out what makes a good condom while you’re out on the dating scene, here’s what I’ve found…


Everyone wants good sex — that’s a cert. So to help avoid bad sex experiences, you’ll need to find a condom that scores highly on the sensation front (for both of you!). Ultra-thin condoms are the best condoms for maintaining that desired level of sensation and intimacy for the giver. So, look for “feather” condoms which are thinner than regular ones and will help keep things feeling pleasurable. Ribbed condoms also score highly on the sensation front, especially for the bottom/receiver, as they can help heighten the whole penetrative experience.  And if you’ve got issues with latex, check out the newest ones made of polyisoprene, which combines the strength of latex with the sensitivity of an ultra-thin condom.

Extra fun

Condoms aren’t usually considered a “mood-lifter” but flavoured condoms can help raise a smile (if not something else). Go for the old classics such as strawberry, chocolate, and mint, or mix it up a bit with flavours like bubblegum, cola, and blueberry. One thing’s for sure: we doubt you’ll feel the need to reach for a bar of chocolate after the event!

And, yeah, we know, sometimes stopping in the middle of everything when the passion is running at high RPMs to tear open the package and peel it on can be buzz-kill to some people. Make a game out of it, or build it into your intimate play together. Let your partner put in on you (or you put it on him), or have him tear it open with his teeth while you’re busy … ummm … keeping his attention. Don’t let the clinical aspect of condoms get in the way of enjoying each other.  They’re vital to your safety, but no one says you can’t treat them like toys.

Use-by date

Maybe it’s been a while since you got lucky, or maybe you’ve just discovered a condom in your wallet that you’d forgotten you had. Make sure you check the use-by date before you go ahead and reveal it at the crucial moment. An old condom isn’t exactly going to go down well (no pun intended) in a moment of passion. This can be the case with flavoured ones particularly.  And then there’s the possibility that older ones may have degraded from those months of heat in your back pocket (you knew you were hot, right?) or in the glove compartment of your car. Not fun.  When it comes to that moment you’ve been looking forward to, you don’t want a bad condom ruining it for either of you.

Get a freebie

No one likes forking out a load of cash if they can help it. Plus, it’s a well-documented fact that money worries can lead to stress and depression, which in turn can make your performance less than stellar — and make you less likely to even want sex. So, if you’re not thrilled with shelling out anywhere from 6 to 12 bucks for a box, just ask your doctor. They usually carry samples, and they’ll be pleased you bothered to ask.  Or stop by your local LGBT community center. There will likely be a giant fish bowl sitting right there on the counter as you walk in, full of a rainbow variety of colors, sizes, and textures.  Even bars and clubs will often have freebies (with lube) available at the door as you go out. Make it a habit to pick up a couple of fresh ones every time you go, and stock up.  Replace the old ones and help stave off the doom and gloom!

The bottom line (again, no pun intended) is that condoms are as important to your health and safety as a designated driver. But they don’t have to be boring or a killjoy. Make condoms your friends, and that one less worry to carry around will go a long way in keeping your dating experience safe and enjoyable.
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