Soul Business, and Others


Soul Business

Ain’t after objective



or prestige

I’m after

the peace and quiet

a rested soul deserves

I’m in the business

of saving my own soul

One bird song

and shade tree at a time


Life’s Yin Yang of Love

Then parts of the world love me

then parts love me not

 And the same goes for me

loving parts of the world


Watching Ducklings

The lucky man next to Kapiolani Park Bandstand
He is watching ducklings and their mum
Without a care in the world,
Except for cats and mongoose and maybe an adventurous dog
The duck mum is cruising them around the artificial pond
Our lucky man, without a care in the world,
Except for genocide, powerbrokers stealing the water and privacy
And of course his daughter’s orthodontist appointment
Sits on the steps of the bandstand
Watching ducklings, ducks, dragonflies and the occasional bird and thought in flight


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ChittyChittyBangBang places a great premium on privacy, so he/she prefers to remain behind the pen-name (that movie makes him/her smile & he/she loves Dick Van Dyke). ChittyChittyBangBang is a teacher-coach-soldier, and has been writing for 25 years. Born in California, raised secret hell in Arizona, now stranded on tropical island, CCBB loves the way the world is shrinking, where our children can hopefully live in a world where merit is based on the good works and deeds of men and women — this is the world worth writing about and the world worth loving in.