Under the Moon

Under The Moon*

Up round-top way
Standing under a full moon
Centered in the baby blue morning sky
My slippers slide from fresh, cool mud
My legs itch from the thirsty morning mosquito
<biting as I’m writing>
Those brilliant brown/black/white birds sing and disappear
<with clicks and clacks>
The blood suckers and misty rains chase me inside my turtle shell
The only other human contact were two cyclists pumping their way up the mountain
I saw a light blue lubricant package
Picked it up to read it
Dropped it quick!  Because if aids were to linger on one’s finger, it might be with me now too
How dumb a move, under the blue sky morning moon

*And, they voted 5-4 to give full federal standing and rights to any and all marriages.


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ChittyChittyBangBang places a great premium on privacy, so he/she prefers to remain behind the pen-name (that movie makes him/her smile & he/she loves Dick Van Dyke). ChittyChittyBangBang is a teacher-coach-soldier, and has been writing for 25 years. Born in california, raised secret hell in Arizona, now stranded on tropical island, CCBB loves the way the world is shrinking, where our children can hopefully live in a world where merit is based on the good works and deeds of men and women — this is the world worth writing about and the world worth loving in.