A Decision, and You Make Me Proud

A Decision

Let my table be lonesome,
so that my salutations will be
acquired through quietness and
mindful of gleaming silence,
and away goes the acute, barren
neurosis of meaningless talk.
To be there in full solidity,
as one, admiring, eases respect
for the other. Attention will
never veer from the place I
continue to sit, but other realities
will rise too clean and be well-kept.
© 2002 Jarrod C. Lacy


You Make Me Proud

I whine because I have no money, or I’m
a little low in my stash.
Then I see your face which states the case to flush
out the need for cash.
When I feel my life isn’t stunning or lacks a proper shine,
I think of you and erase the blue and say,
“This little light is mine.”
If my sleep is often stolen, or something
unknown keeps me awake,
There you are again, the reminder, that my
rest should barely break.
A frown distills my substance and the
world is rough with a rind,
So I’ll settle for you the little teacher who is a
hero in my heart and mind.
© 2003 Jarrod C. Lacy


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Jarrod Lacy
JARROD C. LACY hails from Huntsville, AL, and graduated from Butler High School in 1992.

He is a poet and an aspiring novelist; formerly a Customer Service Representative for “The Huntsville Times”, he is now exploring to discover his life’s career.

Jarrod posts his latest stuff on his blog, Jams and Journeys.