Two poetic streams of consciousness on the soulful beauty of … rain.

the rain
the rain i seek the rain the beautiful gliding silver rain
sprinkling rain & sparkling rain a whisper of rain that beads like
kisses upon my brow i wonder how the trees stand straight stand
tall & still when coolish singing surging rain comes singing down
comes winging down from leaden skies how can they keep from
dancing round from pulling rooted feet from muddy ground and
capering dancing up & down in joy in love with wet & shiny
abundant rain.



rain rain lightning surge strike white hot a leaping line a
bolt from the blue its colored hue as hot as the sun and
just as bright rain rain pelting rain the lightning deep its
call can creep into your veins and flood your mind the dark
clouds call the thunder roars & mighty thor his shield held
high throws lightning bolts down from the sky like crooked
limbs they arc and strike their mother earth their call to birth an
aftershock of living light the rain pelts down sings down &
down its voice a thunder call deep in the night oh white
oh light oh plasma filaments leaping up connect the leaders
charging light descending down to kiss the earth kiss the
earth divine.


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SHERRY BOX considers herself a way-out, in-tune, God-consciousness, “Peace, Brother”, 60’s tunes, lover and liver (liv-er not liver) of life. Her church family is very important to her, and her grandson, Patrick, is her heart. She lives in Oklahoma City, OK, and when not working in social services, she loves writing, creating different types of artwork, working in her garden, and camping in the Fall.