Everything is Possible – So Act Like It !

ambassadorIn the Kingdom of God, everything is possible.

No big revelation there, right?  Most people of faith have no difficulty believing this.  In the next life, we think, there will be no sickness, no financial struggles, no relationship problems, and no personal insecurities. We will be whole, complete, and have everything we need.  Sure. That’s in the next world. 

In this world, we know from the Gospels that Jesus performed all kinds of miracles: he brought the power of God out of the unreachable world of heaven into our earthly existence.  He healed people who were sick. He raised the dead. He experienced God’s presence in a physical, tangible way.  Angels appeared to him, voices from Heaven spoke.  He saw visions, he could read people’s hearts and thoughts, he saw the future and the past.  He spoke with the authority of God.  He met financial need miraculously (remember that coin Peter found in the fish’s mouth, or the huge catches of fish Jesus led his disciples to?). He reconciled squabbling friends. And he spoke encouragement into people’s lives, telling them what they could be, who they are in God’s sight, and the mighty things they could accomplish.  He was the walking embodiment of the Kingdom of God.

That was then, that was him.  But what about here and now, what about us?

When Jesus first began his public ministry, he began with the message of calling people back to God and telling them that the great era of unleashing God’s presence and power into this world had commenced.  “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.”  It has arrived, and we are to change our thinking and our actions to adjust to this new reality.  And he informed everyone that the Kingdom of God was in their very midst, it was in them and among them at that moment.  And they could be participants in it. Later when he sent out his disciples, he gave them that exact same message to declare.

This is the crucial point, the very foundation of Jesus’ message: the Kingdom of God is here and now.

Our mistake too often is in thinking that the Kingdom is some future time or some other heavenly place. It is not a place, it is not a time.  It is a state of existence.  The Kingdom is where the rule of God exists: “thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”  Wherever God’s will is done, wherever his power is active, THAT is the Kingdom of God.  And by submitting yourself to God, by joining his family and declaring your allegiance to Jesus, you are actually turning your life into sovereign territory. You become an agent and ambassador of God’s Kingdom, a plenipotentiary. Your home, your work place, becomes an embassy.  His laws apply. And everything you touch — and everything that touches you — becomes subject to that law.

Those credit card bills you have: subject to God’s sovereign rule.  Because they contractually bound themselves to you, they now fall under Kingdom jurisdiction.  Diabetes? Blood pressure? Cancer? HIV/AIDS? Situations at work?  Obnoxious people?  Strained family relationships?  Friendships?  Guess what?  If they touch you, they automatically become subject to God’s will, God’s rule, and God’s power. 

YOU are the Kingdom — if you are a child of God, and if you have declared Jesus your Lord.

Wrap your mind around this fact. Change your thinking. Change your behavior and your actions to fall in line with this truth.  Inside this Kingdom, in this jurisdiction, all things are possible because all things are possible to God.  Hold your credit card bills in hand, and pronounce Kingdom rule over them. They just got “nationalized”.  Touch your frail body, and declare it subject to God’s jurisdiction, subject to his power and his supernatural laws of life.  Walk into your office, stand in your doorway, and announce that the Ambassador has arrived and he carries the full weight of God’s authority.  When toxic people enter your space and start spewing poisonous gossip, smile, and reclaim the air around you for the Kingdom.  Assert its domain. (And don’t compromise that eminent domain by participating in things illegal under Kingdom rule.)  Stop seeing all these difficult situations and stressors in your life as unbearable burdens, or hopeless situations.  Nothing is out of the realm of possibility to you now.

You are a Royal Ambassador.  You carry clout and awesome authority. You embody the Kingdom of God. Everything is possible. So act like it.