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About IMPACT Magazine

A magazine for Bold, Authentic and Engaged living, where we talk about everything relating to being Gay and Christian and living in the Real World.


Our focus:

  • To be a “safe place” for gay believers, to restore faith, hope, and inspire dreams for life
  • Create a sense of community, belonging, to let you know: You are not alone
  • Where Faith, Culture, and Gay life intersect — “There’s more to being Christian than just church. There’s more to being gay than just sex.”   Faith and being LGBT are completely compatible, and should be fully integrated, not in conflict with each other.
  • Celebrate, promote & support the work of gay people making a difference in the world
  • To be bold and authentic in addressing Real Life issues, and not shy away from topics ignored or glossed over by other faith-related publications. (“This is not your father’s Christian magazine!”)
  • To reflect a whole, integrated, approach to life: living in the world, engaged with the world, impacting the world
  • And to encourage living centered on core values, infused with faith, purpose, significance, and intent on making a difference


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