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You No Longer Need The Rules


More today from Susan Cottrell‘s Saturday “Jesus Blog” – a word from Jesus to you…

Did you know that I never told anyone to write down the things I said?

Did you know that I never told anyone to start a religion called Christianity?

So what did I tell people?  I told them to love God, and love others – and I tried be an example of how to be with and love people – especially those who needed me the most.

But now there is a lot of talk among church people that you need to follow the rules of the Bible if you want to be right with God. 

I don’t want you to focus on Bible rules—they will only lead you astray.  Rule-focus only increases bad behavior and shame and guilt! It steals your freedom and your joy.

The law is in the Bible only to lead you to me. Once you know me, you no longer need the rules.

The Spirit of God will lead you and teach you and guide you in all things.

I far exceed the rules! 

Focus on me and you will experience life bigger than you could ever have imagined!

Follow me. That is really all you need to know.  

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  1. In my walk with Jesus, it has become clear that he did not intend to start a new religion but instead to set all people free from the restrictions of religion when religions are misapplied to confine people under human authority figures rather than to nurture our capacity to live in oneness with Divine Authority, embracing and doing the will of our Father as if it were our own (because it is!). Religious teachings, principles and communities can serve us well as gantries and proving grounds for the rockets we are developing as our lives while we assemble and ready our rocket for launch. But no rocket rises as high as Jesus calls us to rise when it is held down by the gantry that once served as its support system during development and field testing. We all must eventually launch into higher zones of development under our internal guidance system and no longer cling to former stages we once found so secure and awash with social approval. We cannot mature in stature and wisdom if we allow our craving for social approval to bind us to the family and community of origin beyond which we now must rise. As a counterbalancing thought, it’s helpful to remind ourselves that Jesus did not teach lawlessness or anarchy. He taught and modeled how a man, woman or child of principle would live if the Primary Principle was to honor God in all thoughts, words and deeds and to listen to and obey God as God spoke within our hearts. He modeled oneness with God and established as fact that we could likewise live in oneness with God. God is not unprincipled. We are created to live principled lives. Paradoxically living by God’s principles sets us free of our ego’s bondage to lesser ways of living, including law-bound, grace-deficient rigidity. Perfect love as God is love protects us from succumbing to fear’s dominion and lifts us into love’s dominion where God reigns. When we fear neither God nor humans, we are left with only one capacity, the capacity God created us to be and manifest – love. As we know of God’s love for us we are freed to know of God’s love for everyone without exception and find no more need to judge others or ourselves harshly. We can instead discern the work of the Holy Spirit in all people and see the Christ within each no matter how deeply denied it may be in some whose life experiences and choices have left them hard-hearted when once they were tender-hearted. Thanks you, Susan, for opening doors that set hearts at liberty to once again live by faith in an unseen God of mercy, justice and grace. I seek to join you in this ministry of grace through the materials I post at Only as all of us join together in oneness under God’s authority will we discover the power to co-create the society Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of — one in which we are judged not by the color of our skin (or age, gender orientation, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, etc.) but by the content of our character. We are whole human beings with inherent integrity. To nurture our nature as children of God is to create the society of which MLK Jr. spoke so eloquently.

    • Thank you for your beautiful comment, Art. I love your rocket analogy! the very setup that allowed its development will prevent its use! And yes, God’s law written on our hearts is infinitely more power to produce love, mercy, justice, than any rules. Without a doubt. Thank you.

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