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It’s not Vanity. It’s Self-Preservation.

“When looking in the mirror, what do you see?”


Iwas reminiscing last night while looking through old year books and photo albums, and I have come to the conclusion that between the ages of 12-15 I desperately needed a gintervention.

Gintervention  [gin-ter-ven-shuhn].  Noun. 1. The act or the fact of a gay person intervening.

Looking at photo after photo I noticed that I was in desperate need of a clay mask, exfoliators and hair products – but what did I know back then?  I always laugh when I look at these pictures now. They bring me back to the realization that everyone is a diamond in the rough. It also gives me a little boost of confidence, seeing where I was then and where I am now. I’m not implying that I’m Mr. Perfect, by any means. We all have our flaws, right?  But when I finished looking at the photos, I started thinking about how I ended up being in the beauty industry. How I went from not caring about my appearance at all to caring heavily of my appearance. From just washing my hair to conditioning, treating and the occasional added heat (by flat iron – my hair is curly curly!).

Then it hit me. I didn’t like how I looked. That’s what caused the change. I was insecure about the blackheads on my nose, my uncontrollable hair, and my lack of style. So instead of complaining about it, I did something about it.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought to yourself, “I wish my hair was straight, thicker or thinner?” Or have you noticed that every time you wake up, there are more and more wrinkles on your face? Scary, right? Even though I am only 29, I am extremely concerned about hair loss and premature wrinkles. A lot of people would call it vanity. I prefer to think of it as self-preservation.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with taking care of the things you have been blessed with. I know there are thousands of other things to worry about in this world:  world hunger, finding cures for diseases, the Middle East … The list is endless.  But I actually have control over what my appearance looks like. Not that you couldn’t contribute to the development of these major issues—because everything counts. But beauty is just my thing. It’s something that fascinates me and keeps me on my toes.  I like to be able to pamper myself every morning and night. It’s the one moment in time when I can actually relax and enjoy what I am doing.  Everyone needs to take the time to care for themselves and be able to have those few minutes of solitude.  Yes, do your part to save the world, but take care of yourself too!

I fully understanding that not everyone has the time to pamper themselves, but you should at least spend 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night catering to yourself. It truly is important. Not only do you get your alone time, but you also get to nourish your skin and hair. Good for your soul, good for your body.

If you are new to styling your hair or taking care of your skin, let me be your go-to person. Let me recommend some great products, great stylists and great salons/spas to visit—or to personalize a skincare regimen for you. Especially if you’re newly single or trying to branch out of your normal routine, I can help!  Well, at least in this area.

Let’s talk about some products. I love multifunctional products. If you just asked yourself what the heck a multifunctional product is, let me explain. Normally a multifunctional product will be found with labels that read “3-in-1.” That just means that those products are designed to do more than one simple thing. Typically multifunctional products are both cost- and time-effective. Not all the products that I will recommend will be multifunctional, but the ones I’ll share with you are definitely worth the investment.

It’s helpful to break things down into threes: hair, face and body. Let’s cover the cleansing process first.


Even though you shouldn’t wash your hair every day (it strips the natural oils from your hair), some people tend to wash it every day anyways. Here is a perfect shampoo for everyday use.

Kiehl’s: All-Sport Everyday Shampoo 8.4 fl.oz. $15.50

  • A gentle cleansing rinse.
  • Ideal for those who wash their hair every day or more frequently – and for those with dry hair.
  • Excellent for swimmers and other sports-participants who have to wash their hair often, even though it may not be soiled.

You can find this product on or department stores such as Saks 5th Avenue, Macy’s and Nordstrom’s. Kiehl’s products are available on all retailers’ websites.

If this shampoo isn’t what you’re looking for, I recommend that you look around Kiehl’s website ( They offer various types of shampoos for everyone’s needs.


The Face Soap and Clarity™ 3-in-1 Detox Vitamin C Face Wash by Soap & Glory is a multifunctional product. It’s a three-in-one product that smooths, cleans and scrubs.

It runs for about $16 (found at, and is a great cleanser for the person on the go. It’s affordable and offers all three cleansing steps.

If you aren’t looking for a multifunctional face wash and exfoliator, follow me on Twitter or Facebook and I’ll suggest other cleansing products more suitable to your preferences.


Dove products are my favorite products that you can find at places like Target and Walgreens. They have lines that cater to both men and women. I’ve been using the Dove Men+Care in Clean Defense.  The results are great!

  • Removes daily oil buildup to balance skin
  • Ultra-light cleansing gel rinses easily and cleanly
  • MICROMOISTURE activates when lathering

You can find this product at department stores and general retailers, or at

Let me wrap this up by saying that these suggestions above are three great products you can use to cleanse your hair, face and body. They are affordable and definitely worth every cent! They come from leading brands in the industry and are backed up with great technology.

I hope this has given you a starting point to begin thinking about taking better care of yourself – beginning with the basic three, hair, skin and body.  In the next article, I’ll talk about the next step in nourishment, balance and moisturizing.

And of course, if you have any questions, feel free to direct message me on Facebook or send me a tweet on twitter!  I’d love to help!

Until next time …




TITO MUNOZ has been changing faces, one brush stroke at a time, for the past decade. He is currently Regional Makeup Artist for Estee Lauder, and before that was the Regional Color Director for Lancôme Cosmetics. To quote Kevyn Aucoin, the greatest influence on his artistic life, “Today I see beauty everywhere I go, in every face I see, in every single soul, and sometimes even in myself.” You can contact Tito on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter @TheMakeUpMan.


  1. What shampoo does one use if he doesn’t have any hair? 🙂 [via Facebook]

  2. Could use a wax and polish as well… but it is a legitimate question indeed. Probably needs more care since there’s no hair protecting the scalp I suppose? [via Facebook]

  3. Chris Rayan you are exactly correct! All skin should be cleansed and hydrated. I do have a lot of friends that use their facial cleanser and moisturizer along with polish on their heads because they love their bald glow. On another hand I have friends that are trying products that boost the natrual growth of hair. Usually those treatements do come in a shampoo and conditioner. Regardless of what your decision is, cleanse and hydrate your skin all around!!!!

    [via Facebook]

  4. Thanks a lot for the tips Tito! By the way I really didn’t know head polish existed!
    [via Facebook]

  5. Ha! It does! That’s how they get their heads shined!

    [via Facebook]

  6. I learn something new every day…

    [via Facebook]

  7. Kelcie E. /

    This is an amazingly informative article written by a true professional. I look forward to trying these new products and learning more great beauty tips!!!

    • Kelcie E. /


      You’re the best! Thank you so much for your kind words!



  8. I need you to come to my house, scrub my face, do my make up and do my hair every day. You are AMAZING.

    • Thank you Lisa!!!!! If you haven’t already follow me on twitter and Facebook for more beauty advice!

  9. Hello! I’ve been following your site for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Arizona. Just wanted to tell you keep up the excellent job!

    • Bed! Thank you so much for following! I love love love feedback! I appreciate your kind words and will continue to give you the best trend advice as possible 🙂 -Tito

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